Lilly on roman pillar - square 2-73.jpg

Lilly the Beagle

Iva is a teacher who lives in beautiful Zadar, Croatia.  When Iva's Father died, she was devastated. Her work mates secretly decided to get her something extra special to help with her grief. 

They planned the surprise for two weeks. Iva's hubby was in on it and had to build a fence for the backyard without making Iva suspicious. He said that was the hardest part of the whole thing.

When the teachers handed Lilly the puppy over in a little cardboard box, Lilly just licked Iva's face for ages. Everyone felt that Lilly knew why she was there.

And Lilly is extra special to me too. This was my first international dog shoot.

It was amazing to have such wonderful backdrops. In the background you can see the Church of Donata from the 13th Century. And Lilly's also sitting on Roman ruins that were built all the way back in the 2nd Century! 

But Lilly isn't really interested in the history of the place.

She's just happy to be with her family, and love them for the rest of her days.