Hank and Sandy Mama!!-475.jpg

Hank the Vizsla

"Get ready to photograph the supermodel of the dog world" Hank's Mum Sandy said to me. And she wasn't wrong!

Not only does he have great genetics, but Hank is one of the best cared for dogs in Australia. Sandy loves him like an heir to the throne and it was so great to watch her chatting and encouraging him during the shoot. She even brought a bum-bag filled with bite sized bits of BBQ'd chicken to draw Hank's eye when we needed it.

Vizslas are originally from Hungary and were bred as hunting dogs. They're extremely loyal and some call them "Velcro dogs" because they like to stay so close to their owners. Hank was no exception. He didn't let Sandy out of his sight!

His auburn coat caught the warm afternoon light beautifully and he was a joy to photograph. Thanks for the fun-filled afternoon Hank and Sandy!